About Treadmill Buddy

Treadmill Buddy provides an engaging visual and competitive platform to combat the monotony of treadmill running, keeping you motivated as you play.

Exciting Virtual Tracks

Experience a visual feast with video tracks and stunning 3D tracks from around the globe on your treadmill.

Scientific Training Plans

Tailored training plans using Dr. Daniels' Running Formula, ensuring a safe and effective treadmill workout experience.

Global Virtual Runs

Meet the world on your treadmill. New routes continuously updated!

Workouts tailored to you, based on Daniels' Running Formula.

Identifying Your Running Ability

Evaluate your fitness level with your personal bests to customize the ideal training plan for you.

Customized Workouts

Find courses suitable for you, whether you're a beginner or a marathon runner, ensuring your progress.

Diverse Workout Categories

Courses available in five categories: Easy Aerobic, Lactate Threshold, Marathon, Intervals, Sprints.

Scientific, Efficient, Safe Plans

Advance your running abilities with scientific, efficient, and safe training plans.

Customize Your Running Avatar

Create a unique runner in the virtual world by customizing facial features, outfits, or uploading your photo.

Segmented Progress for Training

View progress at a glance for the entire workout, each segment, and each lap, with markers for completed laps.

Encouragement Throughout Your Training

Celebrate each section with archway markers. End of each sprint and every kilometer/mile is cheered with voice and fireworks.

Power Up with Music

Elevate your treadmill workout into a musical feast with the right tunes, unlocking your running potential.

Diverse Music Stations for Personalized Runs

Match your run's pace with stations from EDM, Pop, Rock, Jazz, and 70s music.

Voice Coach

Real-time guidance to adjust your treadmill for a hassle-free workout, keeping you motivated throughout your run.

Choose from 8 voice coach tones.

Guidance on treadmill speed adjustments, real-time distance reports, and continuous motivation.

What Our Users Say?

After testing and using over a dozen popular apps, I can't understand why this isn't top-rated in the Apple Store. This app surpasses anything available on the market, perfectly meeting the needs of runners wanting a guided training system with easy integration.

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ThinkerAppStore User

This app transformed my previously unused treadmill into an essential part of my running routine, offering everything a runner needs for improvement with seamless integration. It reignited my passion for running, making it the best I’ve encountered.

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JamesAndroid User

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